1. Appointments to be scheduled with the secretary at PEGP / PE Orthopaedic Medicolegal Services on 041 363 4466 or addressed to: admin@pemedicolegal.co.za
• Dr Garrett: Monday Afternoons,
• Dr Bryan Theunissen: Tuesday Afternoons,
• Dr Thomas: Wednesday Afternoons,
• Dr Bam: Friday Afternoons

2. Before referring clients, please request a Fees/Terms and Conditions form from admin@pemedicolegal.co.za.

3. Copies of all relevant documentation and previous hospital records to be emailed to admin@pemedicolegal.co.za at least one week prior to the appointment.
• Letter of Instruction for Report /RAF4
• Consent for release of medical information
• Hospital records and X-rays
• Identification documents
• RAF1 forms

4. If required X-rays will be requested after the consultation. As these costs are for the patient/attorney, please ensure that your firm has an account with Bayradiology to do plain X-rays. Further appointments may be needed to review these with the client.

5. All payment advice, account queries and report queries can be addressed to the relevant specialist who examined the patient.
• Dr Garrett: garrett@pemedicolegal.co.za
• Dr Thomas: thomas@pemedicolegal.co.za
• Dr Bam: bam@pemedicolegal.co.za
• Dr Bryan Theunissen: theunissen@pemedicolegal.co.za

6. We aim to provide the RAF4 and medicolegal report within 10 working days. Please contact us if the report is required urgently.